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Is America scheduled to become the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s next Hellstorm?

Is America scheduled to become the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s next Hellstorm?

By Preston James, Ph.D on May 3, 2015

Now for the first time we have discovered the secret hidden Agenda of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) which is to create successive Hellstorms, using each one as a pretext for the next and culminating in an American Hellstorm and a final Worldwide Hellstorm destroying all of humanity.

by  Preston James

During the last two years as more and more the of the secret Worldwide structure and mission of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) has been discovered.

These newly discovered facts which were never intended to be revealed. We know this because of the long term efforts to wipe them from the libraries and history, have been shared publicly on Veterans Today and other Alternative Media Publications.

We can now state that it has become unequivocally clear that the RKM is an incredibly evil, inhuman parasite that feeds of the enslavement of humanity using their two-faced criminally insane sociopathy to keep their limitless evil hidden from recognition by their victims and future victims-to-be.

We now know for certain that the markedly anti-human secret, but age-old Agenda of the RKM is based on the ancient Babylonian Talmudic cult some experts now call Frankism, Sabbatteanism, Bolshevism, NeoBolshevism, or most commonly Rothschild World Zionism (historically called “Sionism” before the Bauers appeared on the scene).

These Evil RKM Bloodlines go way back to ancient Babylonia and Babylonian Talmudism, Black-Magic and Baal Worship and child and mass-human sacrifice to (Baal aka Satan).

We now know for certain that all of the RKM top players are genetically related and continue an evil bloodline going all the way back to ancient Babylonia where members of these family lines learned and mastered what is called the “Black Arts”, Black-Magic, Babylonian Money-Magic, secret “disguised” assassinations as a main way of attaining or maintaining power, which is the art of manufacturing Counterfeit money and distributing it fraudulently to extract everybody else’s real wealth and the fruits of their labor.

We know that these core family RKM groups from which these RKM leaders emerge specialize in the ability to be two-faced, that is, able to project a fake people-oriented, caring, sensitive appearance on the outside (thus making them great confidence-men), while on the inside they are vicious anti-human snakes, parasites on humanity and perpetrators of child-sacrifice and major wars to kill of millions of humans as painfully as possible, while making huge profits from doing so and gaining more and more centralized consolidated power.

Other experts refer the top Chieftains of the RKM group of powerful, two-faced anti-humans as the “Synagogue of Satan”, Baal or Moloch Worshippers or “the Children of Cain”, or the Kainite Bloodline, which they have alleged is a “fallen angel” or hybrid bloodline with deeply inbred desires to enact incessant evil; this is a main characteristic of its genetic code, to be individuals with no human soul and with a complete inability for any human compassion toward humans.

Despite their incredible apparent Satanic Power, the RKM is going to be ganged up on by the whole World and eventually eradicated, because they are soon reaching the point where their top real leadership no longer needs them.

And despite all the incredible power they have because they now control all western nations and their internal Secret Police, Governments and officials, the RKM top leadership’s Kingpins and Cutouts believe they are untouchable.

However these Kingpins and Cutouts do not understand the power of the Internet, the World Populism it is producing and the fact that soon they will become a liability to the NWO Globalist Agenda and will no longer be needed. When this turning point is reached, much to their surprise, they will be sacrificed as the whole world is induced to gang up against them and eradicate them by numerous means.

Certainly the RKM Kingpins and Cutouts cannot survive if the whole world wakes up and comes after them no matter what the cost. They think this just can’t happen. They do not understand the power of the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, which is breeding a new and powerful Populism all over the World that soon cannot be contained.

The true NWO Globalist Agenda is actually unknown to the Top RKM Chieftains and their lieutenants the RKM Kingpins and Cutouts and if they were told, they would not be able to believe it anyway because they are far too criminally insane.

At the final point where a NWO “good guy” impersonator is empowered to take over (if it ever reaches that point), he will sacrifice all of his top RKM Chieftains and will pretend he is the Savior of the World, when his intention will be to unleash a final Hellstorm destroying all of mankind and the whole world, probably by instigating a final nuclear WW3 that will make the earth uninhabitable by any humans.

Here’s what we know for certain about the secret Agenda of the RKM. Their plan is to dominate and decimate the whole World step by step by creating successive Hellstorms, using each one to set up the conditions that will foster the next one.

What exactly is a Hellstorm?

A Hellstorm is what the RKM’s occult invocation and raising of what they believe to be the “fires and destruction of Hell” on Planet Earth in order to consume as many humans as possible, as a large mass-blood-sacrifice to Satan (Lucifer). The top Babylonian Talmudic leaders of the RKM believe that if they do this they will be greatly anointed to run the whole World, own all its riches, and have the controls of all power and status. They also believe they must engage in periodic Satanic Child-sacrifice Rituals to maintain their special power, wealth, positions and status or otherwise they will be stripped of it all.

They also believe that if they stop this process of raising Hell on Earth by creating successive Hellstorms, they will quickly lose their power and will never be allowed to become “Eternal Gods of Mount Olympus.” Hows that for a criminally insane delusion, one that has killed hundreds of millions of innocent humans with incredibly painful, needless pre-engineered deaths?

Here is a a listing of the actual Hellstorms this criminally insane notably anti-human (probably non-human too) Satanic Cult the RKM has produced that we can prove beyond any shadow of a doubt:

  1. They did it in Armenia and raped, tortured and mass-murdered about 1 and 1/2 million innocents Christian Armenians.
  2. They did it in Russia in 1917 raping, torturing and mass-murdering about 22 millions innocent Orthodox Christians the first two years and then proceed to enslave and murder about another 80 million we know of.
  3. They did it in Germany at the end of WW2 and raped, tortured and mass-murdered millions of innocent German Civilians and surrendered German Army troops, and violated numerous international treaties. We now know for certain that General Eisenhauer (his real Judiac name), Churchill another crypto Judaic and Stalin (also Judaic) created some of the World greatest crimes against humanity in how they handled the last two years of WW2 and starved so many innocent Germans. This of course has all been covered up until now and you will learn about it in the excellent video below called Hellstorm. Their reason, a deep malignant Judaic Tribalism based hatred of German Goyim they believed were essentially Christian.
  4. They did it in Korea after WW2.
  5. They did it in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia after the Korean war.
  6. They did it in the first Iraq war.
  7. They did it in the second Iraq war.
  8. They did it in the war in Afghanistan which was staged to get the massive opium crop and use deployed American troops to guard it so it could be transported into America using frequent Global Hawk remote control operated pilot-less flights.
  9. They have been trying desperately to do it again with a pre-engineered stage war against Syria and Iran, but so far President Obama has resisted. This should be an omen for the top RKM Chieftains of the major lane-change that is coming with the whole World turning against them. More on that at the end of this article.
  10. Their fall back and final plan is to do it again by bringing a total Hellstorm to America like they did to East Germany after WW2, after using their attack on America of 9-11-10 and their Samson Option Nuclear Blackmail to transform America into GAZA II, the World’s largest open-air prison camp with all Americans, even their Judiac supporters included.

The RKM’s usual means of pre-engineering Hellstorms in nations of the World is to foment Color Revolutions; bust out the economies; deploy various forms of induced de-stabilizations covert ops; place incredibly abusive fascist dictator puppets in power that breed counter revolutions, racial strife, and police brutality; to stage Gladio-style False-flag attacks in order to produce synthetic terrorism which can then be used to convince the populace it is real terrorism and not RKM Organized Crime.

All these RKM induced problems are used to justify the acquisition of more and more RKM power supposedly to be used to solve these problems when instead they are used to add gasoline on them.

As more and more of the World learns this truth about this secret, hidden RKM Agenda to turn the whole World into a Hellstorm nation by nation, the whole World will organize against the RKM and eventually attack it from all directions.

As more and more Judaics are waking up to how they have been mind-controlled, conned and used by the RKM, an interesting new conflict is arising within the Judaic communities all over the World.

It has been a breeze for the RKM Chieftains to mind-control and con mainstream Judaics. Why? Because the RKM Chieftains control all the “money” and can print or issue as much as they need. These Chieftains have acquired control over the University System, the Major Mass Media, the American Medical System, the Legal Profession, the Judiciary and most large International Corporations. This places them in the driver’s seat and they can pass out these rewards to “fellow Judaics” like giving candy to a baby.

This makes many Judaics very desirous of all the power, money and status that these RKM Chieftains have and motivates them to serve these Chieftains and do everything possible to become like them and gain their favors. The result? Mainstream Judaics who have thus attained high levels of success in the RKM System, stick together and are completely committed to their malignant Judaic Tribalism which unfortunately includes believing the sick, twisted paranoid group Judaic racial delusion based on imagined racial persecution that all Goyim are their enemies and want to eradicate them.

This extreme racial delusion produces fear and hatred of Goyim and justifies pre-emptive aggression toward them including staged wars, gladio-style False-flag attacks like 9-11-01, and engineered economic collapse, plagues and diseases. Over time the abuse toward Goyim that this Judaic group racial paranoia produces become a “self-fulfilling prophecy” and Goyim begin to see that these malignant Judaic Tribalists are trying to asset strip them, destroy their society and mass-murder them.

Obviously at some point the Goyim become so provoked they will act against these malignant Judaic Tribalists. This will soon likely occur because the whole World is now ganging up to attack the criminal Apartheid State of Israel for all its staged wars, mass-murder, war crimes, theft of Palestinian Lands, Apartheid against Palestinians and for attacking America with nukes on 9-11-01. Believe you me as the World finally connects all these dots, payback against Israel and these RKM Chieftains is going to be a real bitch, far more extreme than most could imagine.

Many Judaics who now suffer from a group psychological disorder, best called RKM induced malignant Judaic Tribalism are waking up. They are beginning to realize that they have been mind-controlled to carry incorrect beliefs that have induced them to have a serious group mental disorder which makes them dangerous to humanity and the whole World.

This notable and dangerous group mental disorder is best characterized by a notable paranoid racial persecution delusion that has been and is now being used to justify hatred, abuse, asset stripping, oppression, tyranny, massive land-theft and mass-murder of what they define as “Goyim.”

This is what they have been doing to Palestinians and by creating an Israeli Apartheid against Palestinians and by attacking America on 9-11-01, they have actually sealed their own fate which will result in their eradication unless they immediately wake up and reject all these incorrect beliefs instilled by their RKM Overlords who have suckered them beyond belief to do their dirty work in exchange for money, high positions, status and power.

Can you handle the real truth about the end of WW2 and why General Patton’s assassination was ordered by President Truman. In the Nazi forced labor camps about 290,000 died from cholera and starvation, induced by the Allies by needlessly extending the war and bombing the supply lines, official red Cross figure show about 200,000 of these were Judaics. Compare this to the now estimated 55 million innocent civilians mass-murdered during WW2 and now described as merely “collateral damage” from the Allied Air War.

This Hellstorm was created and run by the RKM secret Crypto Judaics Churchill, FDR and Stalin. General George Patton knew the truth and was going to tell all America about it upon his return since he couldn’t get any where trying to convince the American High Military Command who were all run by the RKM. By the way, when was the last time you ever heard any Malignant Judaic Tribalists ever mention his real Holocaust, the Armenian Slaughter or the Babylonian Talmudism behind the Bolshevik slaughter in Russia in 1917.



















PROPOSED DECLARATION of War against Rothschild Khazarian Mafia

By Preston James, Ph.D on May 8, 2015

A Plan to Declare War on the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia & eradicate its espionage and penetration of America

by  Preston James and Mike Harris

Before America can embark on a national mission to eradicate the influence of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) in America, it is important to understand its incredibly evil hidden history.

All Americans need to know that the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) is based on a secret death cult, ancient Babylonian Talmudism (aka Kabbalism, Luciferianism, Satanism, Sabbatteanism, Frankism).

The Georgia Guidestones in Georgia, USA

Only by knowing the sinister origin and core belief system of the RKM can we understand why the RKM is hell-bent on systematically infiltrating and destroying each and every society and nation on Earth.

We know for certain that the RKM is planning on mass-murdering 90% of all humans, unless they are stopped and this intention has been admitted by RKM officials in public documents. Even more than this the RKM has actually carved their sinister death cult intentions in stone on an expensive granite monument, the Georgia Guidestones.

All Americans need to understand that the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) is by far the World’s biggest parasitical invading organism in history that sucks the lifeblood out of any host country until mass-death of the Citizenry and the nation itself is attained.

Left unabated the RKM parasite will destroy each host country it has infested and, if unabated, will eventually destroy the whole world.

As the truth about the RKM diffuses to the world by the Internet and word of mouth, soon the whole world and all nations and people will understand that a major global war against the RKM must be declared and waged.

As the truth about this World Largest Parasite of mankind spreads to every nation, folks everywhere will come to understand that mankind’s biggest enemy is the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) which intentionally destroys every culture, nation and society that it comes to infest.

As the people of the world come to understand this RKM evil, all people even from different cultures and nations will be motivated to come together with this one, single objective, to eradicate the RKM’s infiltration, hijacking and control over almost every nation of the world.

To eradicate the RKM chieftain’s grip on America and most of the World, we must decapitate the RKM from its elastic, endless Fiat counterfeit supply of “funny money” debt-notes!

We know for certain that in order to do this effectively and in the shortest time possible, the RKM will have to be decapitated from its counterfeit and endless self-produced money supply and in order to do this, the RKM’s unconstitutional Federal Reserve System will have to be eliminated by the USG and a new American Bank set up in the US Department of the Treasury. This cannot be done until Americans take back Congress and drive out those who have taken the required AIPAC loyalty oath to Israel.

All AIPAC Israeli influence peddling of Congress must be stopped cold and all Members of Congress who signed these Treasonous, Seditious AIPAC Loyalty Oaths to Israel must be voted out and fully prosecuted for espionage against America.

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has reported to several sources that all newly elected members of Congress are given an AIPAC loyalty oath to Israel to sign. If they refused, a well-financed opponent would run against them, in most cases preventing re-election. She refused to sign it and lost her re-election campaign.

If We the People can successfully decapitate the RKM from its endless, elastic money supply manufactured by their private Federal Reserve System Banksters, this means these banksters will no longer be allowed to lend citizens RKM debt-notes at pernicious interest. This will remove the main source of money and power for the RKM and will immediately stop any more accumulation of fraudulent public USG debt.

If we eliminate the Illegal, Unconstitutional private RKM Fiat debt-note based “funny money” and the illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Income Tax, we can increase our purchasing power by approximately 40%.

When the completely, illegal Federal Income Tax is eliminated and a new real and honest American money system owned by We the People is activated, this will immediately increase American purchasing power by approximately 40% because that is the approximate amount of the American consumers prices are inflated by because of this two part theft, phony Fiat debt-notes loaned at pernicious usury and illegal, unconstitutional Federal income taxes.

Let’s face it, no sane person would pay a foreign Bankster pernicious interest to use what is fraudulently presented as their own money and turns out to be counterfeit banknote loans backed by nothing real by “sleight of hand” money-fraud like Bernie Madoff, the man who made-off with billions, but only got caught because he didn’t foresee the speed of the recession coming upon America in 2007.

How do like having retail prices inflated by 40% for nothing by the private RKM Banksters’ charging pernicious usury to you for using their money?

Once you understand that approximately 40% of all retail prices at the grocery store and other stores is based on paying these RKM foreign banksters pernicious usury for using what should have been your own money in the first place, it is easy to become enraged at how you and all Americans have been ripped off and financially defrauded by the RKM banksters since 1913.

In order to stop the RKM cold the best way to do so is to bring every nation of the World into an international Global War against the RKM, which we know for certain is the World’s most powerful Death Cult and life-sucking anti-human parasite that ever existed.

In order to be truly successful, this must be an international war against the Khazarian Mafia, with all nations of the world ganged up against the RKM. Why is this? Because the RKM is the most sinister organized crime syndicate that has ever existed; and it has infiltrated almost every nation and has tentacles that reach into almost every government. Many leaders are bribed, human-compromised or blackmailed by the RKM. Those who don’t acquiesce are secretly murdered.

And we know that the RKM has planted stolen nukes in twenty-five American cities and in every large capital of Europe, and has been threatening to set them off as a part of their Samson Option. This has certainly helped keep the leaders they control in line, and is described as Israel’s “nuclear blackmail”.

Artist’s depiction of soul stripper

It is important to understand how RKM Chieftains differ from normal human beings.

RKM chieftains either were born without human souls or lost them along the way. Normal humans unless they are hard core complete sociopaths tends to have a conscience and will feel shame when they do wrong against others. These RKM chieftains never feel any shame for harming others, rather this makes them feel pleasure.

They capitalize on others’ ability to feel shame and orient much of their engineering of governmental policies to create as much shame in those peoples they are oppressing and asset stripping. They learned long ago that, if they can provoke folks to do things wrong using Hollywoodism and the controlled major mass media (CMMM), this will help destroy character and moral strength in a people and make it far easier to corrupt them and control them.

Thus, you find the RKM chieftains, kingpins and cutouts inevitably involved in proliferating extreme forms of perversion and pornography few would feel comfortable running, and they do this for big profits. These folks are running a culture war against all Americans, strip their character and manipulate them to lose their integrity.

Before we can discuss an effective strategy to arrest, convict and jail the RKM, we must discuss how the RKM proceeded to infiltrate and hijack America beginning in 1913.


It is indisputable fact that the United States of America was first infiltrated by the RKM beginning in 1913 when the illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve System established a Beachhead in America.

Once the monetary production and distribution beachhead was established in America in 1913, the RKM proceeded to progressively infiltrate and hijack every single American institution bit by bit, usually one at a time, but sometimes simultaneously in groups.

The illegal and unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 by bribing weak members of the US Congress to betray their country and manipulating an illegal vote on Christmas Eve — even with no proper quorum present. This fraudulent bill was signed into law by a compromised, corrupt President, who was willing to betray his country for banksters’ money.

Once the RKM succeeded in setting up their fraudulent money production and distribution machine – the world biggest counterfeiting scheme – then these criminal banksters proceeded to buy, bribe and own almost every congressperson, most USG Officials, and almost the entire Judiciary, as well as most Military High Command.

And while the RKM used their massive elastic checkbook of phony Counterfeit money to infiltrate and hijack all American Politics, they also charged dumbed-down Americans illegal, pernicious interest (actually illegal usury) for using what should have been their own money in the first place.

Making money from nothing and backing it with nothing but the enforced taxes of its captive customers is nothing less than modern day secret slavery and has been the greatest financial fraud in history and is major RICO crime.

Of course these RKM foreign-based banksters created their own money from nothing and lent it to Americans, charging pernicious usury. This is course was a very devilish and crafty trick and must be considered the greatest financial crime in history and provided the great money power to then infiltrate, consolidate and hijack all the Major Mass Media in America forming their own illegal, Unconstitutional news cartel, a secret illegal news and media monopoly best referred to as the CMMM.

Obviously, the CMMM should have been broken up long ago under anti-trust laws, but when the US Congress, the Administration, the US Department of Justice and the Courts are owned by the RKM lock stock and barrel, this has been an impossibility.

Once the RKM gained control over the American Money Production and Distribution, gained control over almost every member of Congress, all Presidential Candidates who would be elected, and even the Major Mass Media, they were able to seize control over almost every aspect of American life, including the educational curricula at every level of education.

Gulag archipelago, written about by Solzhenitsyn

The RKM succeeded in hijacking the Major Mass Media in America, then consolidated it, and then converted it into their main propaganda machine deployed against the American people to mind-kontrol them to support whatever policies their top RKM Chieftains desired.

Once the RKM was able to effectively consolidate and thereby control CMMM and their main propaganda machine, similar to what existed in the former Soviet Union, which is owned and controlled by only six RKM kingpins.

Technically this control over the six Major Mass Media News Corporations has transformed this RKM CMMM into an illegal monopoly, best described as an illegal news cartel designed and operated to mind-kontrol the American People and feed them a continuing stream of USG lies, false-narratives and USG propaganda needed to support the RKM’s sinister agenda for America.

The RKM has worked hard to remove its history from libraries and history books because, once known by the public, they would become targeted for destruction for all the millions of rapes, tortures and mass-murders of invasion and war they have perpetrated.

The RKM has thus restricted the access of ordinary Americans to what the real truth about the RKM is, where they came from, and their deadly agenda is which is to asset strip, oppress, tyrannize and disarm America, and then transform America into GAZA II, the world’s largest open air prison camp where Americans can be mass-murdered at will, like the Palestinians. The RKM’s secret goal is to create a RKM Apartheid in America against We the People.

What the RKM did to the people of Russia during the “Bolshevik Revolution” was not so much a revolution, but an act of torture, mass-murder, and asset-stripping of Russian wealth. This is best described as International Piracy and Parasitism, and Mike Harris was the first to discuss this realistically for what it is — RKM vengeful mass-murder against the Russians for having driven the Khazarian Rulers out of Khazaria around 1200 AD. We know that the RKM was behind the horrific mass, rape and genociding of one and one-half million Armenians in 1915-1917.


Guernica – a depiction of war by Picasso

Revenge by annihilation, no matter how long it takes is always the number one motive for the RKM.

It is important to understand that the main motives that drive the RKM are hate and revenge, best exemplified in their Bolshevik Red Terror and Cheka rape, torture and mass-murder of 22 million innocent Russians between 1917-1919, followed by approximately another 80 million murders of innocents until, the Iron Curtain fell. This was also exemplified by the Hellstorm and mass rapes, tortures and mass-murders of innocent Germans by Russians at the end of WW2.

The RKM greatly fears retaliation by the whole world, if the public finds out who they are and how they operate. This is why the RKM’s number one goal is secrecy, followed by bribery of officials, human compromise, human child sacrifice and pedophilia, while always projecting blame for all they are actually doing by accusing innocent others of their own major sins, and then pro-actively attacking others as an effective defense.

Because ordinary mainstream Americans and the world public have had truth denied them by the RKM’s CMMM, they will only learn the truth about the RKM and its sinister Death Cult Agenda by either word of mouth or the Internet’s Alternative Media. Until recently the Alternative media was looked on as fringe or conspiracy nutcase information.

Now thanks to the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, truth is being published and broadcast to almost every nation of the World and is diffusing to mainstream.

This of course alarms the RKM, which is in a panic. To counter this diffusion of the truth about what they are, where they came from, the RKM has set up numerous shill websites. But, in order to get any readers, they have had to use a “limited hangout” approach, hoping to rope readers in using 60-80% of the truth, followed by a bad payload to mislead folks away from the truth.

RKM “Stooge” misinformation websites, who use the popular “limited-hangouts, with occasional misleading payloads” approach, are failing because web users have become so sophisticated that they select out the truth nuggets from many websites and connect the dots themselves, and ignore the bad payloads. These increasingly astute readers are then able to connect all the truth nugget dots into fairly sound conclusions.

As truth is disseminated across the world and to many Americans for the first time, there appears to a serious accelerating in the rate of information transmission and absorption, much to the dismay of the RKM Chieftains and crime bosses.

Once the crimes of the RKM in America have been explained in detail so that they can be easily understood, then a plan to officially declare War on this enemy of America can be formulated.

What follows is a detailed description of the actual crimes of the RKM against America the Republic and all Americans and what can be done about it by We the People.

This listing will then be used as part of a recommended “Declaration of War” for the USG against the RKM using the US Military. In this way, all American military might be brought to bear against the RKM, the true enemy within the Gates of America.

Declaration of War Against The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) by We The People and the Constitutional Republic of The United States of America:

After over 100 years of abuse, including Treason, Sedition and the ordered murder of numerous Americans with effective and patriotic leadership and leadership potential; and after a full range of financial fraud and debt and tax slavery-type crimes against We the People; and because of all the numerous organized crime abuses enacted against We the People by the world’s largest organized criminal cabal, the RKM — we the people can no longer endure the multifaceted abuse and secret crimes of the RKM.

Therefore, because these abuses against We the People can no longer be tolerated, We the People who constitute the United States of America, hereby Declare War against the world’s largest Organized Crime Cabal, the RKM, which has infiltrated America, hijacked our American institutions of government and is now waging a secret asymmetrical war against We the People and the Republic of the United States of America.

Note the following list of offenses of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) against We the People and the Republic of the United States of America, which clearly violates our United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, numerous Federal Laws and current RICO criminal and Civil Law, and the appropriate remedies to defeat this Enemy within our Gates that has been waging a secret war against We The People and the United States of America since 1913:

  1. This Criminal Cabal, the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) that has deeply infiltrated America has done so by illegally and Unconstitutionally hijacking our Monetary production and Distribution System, has charged us pernicious interest (usury) to use our own money and deflated its value to steal our freedoms, property, our assets and the fruits of our labors.
  2. This RKM Crime Cabal has hijacked most of the United States Government by bribing, blackmailing, intimidating and human compromising many Members of Congress, numerous USG Officials, all Administrations since JFK, and deeply infiltrated American Law Enforcement, American Intel and the US Judicial system.
  3. This RKM Organized Crime Cabal has induced and/or recruited these Traitorous Individuals and officials of the US Government to violate their Oaths of Office to the US Constitution in which they swore to Defend The United States of America The Republic against all Enemies, both Foreign and Domestic. The RKM bribes and manipulates new Members of Congress to sign an AIPAC loyalty Oath to Israeli or AIPAC will provide big funding to an opponent preventing their re-election, thus a complete subversion of the American Political process.
  4. Those in the US Government that comply with the RKM’s manipulations and coercions get highly rewarded for their crimes, Treason and Sedition against We The People and the United States of America the Republic. If they refuse they face engineered ruin, un-election, oppressions, trashing in the media for secret sins, or even assassination.
  5. These RKM owned USG Traitors to their Oaths of Office have become part of an RKM/Israeli run Foreign Espionage Force that has covertly invaded the Republic and has been waging a covert, asymmetrical war against We the People with the intent to asset stripping We The People of all our wealth, property and the fruits of our labor. These traitorous elements within the USA who have essentially “sold out” to the RKM or its Cutouts have become the domestic enemies of We the People, our Constitutional Republic and the State they have sworn to defend and thus must be removed from office and fully prosecuted for the crimes of espionage against We The People and the United States of America.
  6. The RKM has accrued vast financial assets and power by using illegal Unconstitutional Taxation and manipulation of the value of their fraudulent FIAT Debt notes they present as real Constitutional Money when it is clearly not. This RKM Criminal Cabal has hijacked American Intel and frequently uses it to impose a false cloak of secrecy by illegally invoking “National Security” as cover for such serious crimes defined as Major RICO crimes under Federal Law and a whole bevy of felony federal and state crimes. Drug trafficking is one good example of how National Security is used to cover crimes against the American People.
  7. In the process of betraying their Oaths of Office, these Traitorous and Seditious US Government Officials have become Enemies of the State within the Gates of America and part of a Foreign Controlled Espionage System run by the City of London Rothschild World Zionist Bankers and certain World Zionist leaders of Israel. These Enemies inside the Gates of America include most Members of Congress and many Bankers who have used laundered drug money and other money defrauded from the American People to provide illegal support for Israeli, BCC/CI and Saudi synthetic Terror groups which are waging war against American Soldiers and other soldiers of Mideast nations. This is done to concoct synthetic engineered wars by creating an enemy so that the RKM banks and RKM associated Defense Contractors can make huge profits.
  8. This RKM aka “Rothschild World Zionist” banking Cartel has used their money power to create an associated Criminal Cabal through the Scherf Crime Family in America later to become the Bush Crime Family or Bush Crime Cabal (BCC). In the early 1960’s this Crime Cabal fully infiltrated and seized control over the Central Intelligence Agency using Rothschild bankers Money Power and went on to mastermind and run the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy on behalf of the World Zionist Bankers and their associates World Zionist leaders of Israel. This Crime Cabal has come to be labeled the RKM, the largest, wealthiest most powerful Criminal Syndicate in the World.
  9. After the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) successfully Assassinated President John F. Kennedy, they combined forces with the RKM. There can no longer be any reasonable doubt that this RKM has been waging a serious asymmetrical war against We the people and the United States of America the Republic since its 1913 invasion. The intensity of the RKM’s attacks and tyranny have waxed and waned but have greatly intensified since 2001 when the RKM used Israel and Traitors within the US Defense Establishment and the Administration to attack America on 9-11-01. The RKM used its Israeli Cutouts to place stolen Nuclear devices in the NYC Twin Trade Towers and also flew a cruise missile into the Pentagon to destroy the Able Danger secret Investigation of nukes stolen and trafficked by Israeli operatives, thus murdering most of the Able Danger Investigators who were called in by Donald Rumsfeld for an emergency meeting at the Pentagon in the area targeted for destruction.
  10. It is known beyond any reasonable doubt that the RKM’s Israeli Cutouts took the leading role in the attack on America on 9-11-01 with the Bush Crime Cabal taking a supportive cover-up role. It is known beyond any reasonable doubt that the RKM has used Israeli Cutouts to blackmail the Bush2 Administration into allowing them to consolidate American Alphabets, Intel and law Enforcement into one large Stasi Type Police State Security Force (Secret Police Occupation Army) under direct control of the RKM through these Israeli Cutouts.
  11. After over 100 years of abuses of which include Treason, Sedition, Murder and numerous organized crime abuses of a major Organized Crime Cabal the RKM that can no longer be endured, We the People who constitute the United States of America hereby Declare War against this very large Organized Crime Cabal and those RKM chieftains, kingpins and cutouts who operate on their behalf.
  12. In the process of betraying their Oaths of Office, numerous Traitorous and Seditious US Government Officials have become Enemies of the State within the Gates of America and part of a Foreign Controlled RKM/Israeli Espionage System run by the City of London Rothschild World Zionist Bankers and certain World Zionist leaders of Israel. This RKM World Zionist Rothschild Banking Cartel has used their money power to create an associated Criminal Cabal through the Scherf Crime Family, identified as the Bush Crime Cabal. In the early 1960’s this Crime Cabal fully infiltrated and seized control over the Central Intelligence Agency using Rothschild Bankers Money Power and went on to use Bush1 to run the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy on behalf of the World Zionist Bankers and their associated RKM Israeli Cutouts. This RKM is the largest, wealthiest and most powerful criminal syndicate in the world.
  13. This Consolidated Israeli Police State Security Force called Homeland Security (DHS) is actually the Foreign Occupation Army of Israel that has been created inside the United States of America the Republic and has been deployed to asset strip, tyrannize, terrorize, intern and systematically mass-murder 90% of all Americans by their own internal documents. Homeland Security was set up and is run by Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens whose first loyalty is to Israel and the RKM. Israeli Nuclear Blackmail (Samson Option) was used to coerce the Administration and Congress to cooperate with the creation of Homeland Security, which involved the consolidation of all American law Enforcement and Alphabets into one central command structure run by Israel. This is best described as a Secret Police Israeli Occupation army inside America. Israeli leaders hired former East German Stasi head Marcus Wolfe to set up Homeland Security to be as much like the Stasi as possible.
  14. It is for these reason and many more, the many offenses and abuses of the RKM against We the people and many years of their violation of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and purposeful destruction of our Rule Of Law at every level of American Society, We the People and the United States of America the Constitutional Republic Hereby declare full scale War against all elements of the RKM and its subordinate the Bush Crime Cabal. We the People will deploy every means of war against the RKM and all its elements and members. One this war commences using the American Military which has a clear Constitutional Right to wage war against the RKM, a period of 72 hours will be given for RKM Chieftains, Kingpins and Cutouts to surrender to designated US Magistrates who have been appointed to serve under Emergency Constitutional Rule.
  15. Those who do not surrender will be arrested. If they resist they will be subdued by any means. Indictments and arrest warrants will be issued listing probable cause and witnesses and these Perps will be hunted down to the ends of the earth and brought back unless they immediately surrender. Those who can be taken into custody alive will be brought before an appointed Military Tribunal and tried for RICO crimes and espionage against America, including Treason and Sedition and anything else seized Intel records show.
  16. The NSA and CIA are acknowledged as foreign entities that have been hijacked by the RKM and will be given 72 hours to surrender. Their facilities will be surrounded by the US First and Fifth Armies and, if necessary, attacked by the US Army, the USAF and Special Operatives. Hundreds of heroic Special Ops have been abused, lied to, jailed on trumped fake charges to discredit them and prevent them from testifying against the RKM. Many of these will desire to go to war against the RKM if given the opportunity by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as many will be willing to volunteer to do so under this Declaration of War. These men will be offered re-enlistment to join this war effort against the RKM.
  17. All NSA and CIA documents will be seized and compared to those which Russia has offered to provide from their Intel operations against the RKM and Israeli Likudists, which hijacked the NSA and receive direct satellite downloads of all Raw NSA intercepts and digital data. All foreign aid to Israel will be immediately stopped due to the illegality to give aid to nations having a secret nuclear arsenal — especially one based on theft of American nukes. Israel has deployed them secretly in acts of criminal terrorism and mass-murder all over the World. All contracts with Israeli Intel-run DOD and communications providers operating inside the United States of America will be immediately and permanently canceled.
  18. This seized NSA evidence will be used to go all the way back to Viet Nam and try anyone still alive who participated in Illegal Narcotics Trafficking then and up until and including the present, as well as all Joint cabal Assassinations and Bank Bust-out Operations like the Saving and Loan Fraud and Theft, the Enron Fraud and Theft debacle, and the MERS Home Mortgage fraud and Theft.
  19. Those members of the RKM or those receiving or who have received such or other forms of bribes who surrender may be given immunity if they come clean 100% and give up all their illegally gained assets freely. Those who do not will be tried by a military tribunal and dealt with very seriously as a spy according to existing espionage laws which in most cases requires Capital Punishment as the Rosenbergs received. Only this time a firing squad or hanging on wooden gallows will be used for execution, with the choice being made by the Provost Marshal’s Office in consultation with the Chief Officer of the Military Tribunal trying the arrestee upon conviction. Trials will be conducted within 30 days unless mitigating circumstances are recognized by the Provost Marshal’s Office and the Chief Officer of the Military tribunal.
  20. The Federal Reserve System will be immediately seized and put out of business by the US Military and all principals that do not surrender will be arrested and imprisoned with trials before a Military Tribunal according to the US Constitution and the Laws governing Treason and Sedition as well as RICO. All national debt related to the Federal Reserve System’s charging We The People to use their own money will be immediately declared null and void. All assets will be immediate seized and transferred back to the US Department of the treasury which will be immediately reconstituted and will create a true and honest central bank owned by We The People with no interest charged for using our own currency which will be backed by Gold, Silver and hard assets. This new, real US Central bank will be set up to incorporate as many local community banks and bank chains and credit unions will be preserved, but they will have to comply with the new rules and policies set up. Any interest charged for car loans and home loans or any other kind of loans will be limited to 4% or less and must be non-usury.
  21. Absolutely no Dual or Triple or multiple Citizenships will be allowed anymore under any circumstances, or can any of these individual or their progeny ever be allowed to hold public office. All such multiple citizens who wish to stay must be proved clear of Espionage, Treason, Sedition, or RICO crimes and will be forever barred from any State, Local or Federal Government positions. Those who are clean of such offenses will be allowed to take a Loyalty Oath to the United States of America The Constitutional Republic, or otherwise will be deported but in no way will they or any of their progeny ever be allowed to hold public office of any type.
  22. English will be the designated language for all government entities and all public schools and no special public school programs for other languages such as special “immersion programs” which are wasteful and harm the Society. All borders will be cut off and patrolled 100% with an automatic reset back to the immigration laws present at the time President John F. Kennedy was murdered until suitable new ones can be considered and passed.
  23. All Free Trade treaties will be immediately declared null and void, illegal and Unconstitutional. And Fair trade will be restored with adequate tariffs set on imports to favor American manufacturers. Any Corporation who has moved abroad but conducts a lot of sales inside America will be barred from operating inside The United States of America, and all their assets will be seized and held by the Military Tribunal for use to benefit We The People. Corporations will lose all rights of person-hood and any law in any court of the land that is judged obviously Unconstitutional by the Regional, designated Military Tribunal will be immediately declared null and void. Corporations will no longer be treated legally as persons and all these usurped rights will be immediately removed and any corporate conglomerates which Intel shows to have used unfair restraint of trade practices or conspiring against the American consumer will be broken up under existing anti-trust laws. Corporate violations of law will be charged against the CEO/CFO or principal responsible and anyone else who actually violated the law.
  24. All those imprisoned for non-violent drug crimes will be immediately released, and their records expunged, some placed under short term probation as deemed necessary. Those who have served their sentences and/or are probation for these minor offenses will have their records purged. Special MD Physician Boards of ten in each State of the Union will be set up each with at least one addiction specialist, one Psychiatrist, one Ph.D. level Psychologist and one MSW Social Worker (each non-affiliated with any Pharmaceutical manufacturer) to suggest Federal drug policy which will be generally recognized as an independent States Rights issue. The Federal Government will make most drugs legal, but each State of the Union will have to decide which specific drugs will be allowed to be sold or MD prescribed, and each State will be encouraged to set up controlled drug sales supervised by medical Authorities for addicting/habituating substances and opiate type drugs, and such addicting/habituating drugs will be handled with prescribed medical treatment.
  25. Any foreign or domestic drug Cartels including those run or which operate in association with the RKM, the Mossad or the BCC/CIA will be given 72 hours to completely disband and discontinue all trafficking into the USA or any of its Territories and if as indicated by NRO Satellites a major aerial and ground attack will be instituted against these Cartels wherever they are located until they are eradicated and all stateside controllers, members and assets are arrested and tried for these capital crimes.
  26. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will be immediately disbanded and all employees who did not violate their Oath to the US Constitution and who did not commit any crimes, Treason, Sedition or RICO offenses in association with any component of the RKM will be reassigned to their own prior Agency which will be made independent once again. The TSA will be immediately disbanded and all Airports and Airlines will be responsible for their own Security Systems.
  27. All assets of the RKM and their Federal Reserve System will be seized and inside America this is comprised of many Trillions of dollars’ worth of Commercial real estate bought with the massive illegal narcotics and arms trafficking and illegal Bust-outs and frauds against the US Government will be clawed back and distributed evenly to We The People.
  28. All secret bases such as Areas 51, 52 (Papoose lake) and deep underground military bases will be given 72 hours to surrender or will be attacked by every single US Military Asset and seized, including the seizure and exposure of all secrets and secret records and technology. No more secret Underground Bases will be allowed to be built and all existing ones will be evaluated for allowed continued existence, but if so will be made open to all of We The People.
  29. Anyone involved in any false-flag attacks or illegal Unconstitutional, inhuman, crimes against humanity biomedical or MK-Ultra type Mind-Control experiments, including ultra-high-tech Psychotronics deployed against We the People will be arrested if they do not surrender within the 72 hour period. No more Wi-Fi will be allowed in any public facility due to the Mind-Control brain entrainment risks, cancer risks, and risk of harming developing children and adults too.
  30. We the People may petition the various State Governors to deploy their National guards and specially appointed Militia groups which have been assembled to wage Total War against the Khazarian Mafia at all levels of Society within each state after the surrender period expires for those who have not surrendered.
  31. The Khazarian Mafia kingpins, chieftains, crime bosses, major cutouts and their families, will be hunted down inside America at every level and to the ends of the Earth and all their assets will be seized from every member, associate or beneficiary who received bribes or payoffs.
  32. Upon this day, ______________, 2015, It is hereby declared that no longer will We the People and the legitimate United States of America the Constitutional Republic allow the RKM to exist in America or anywhere in the World or any of its associated drug Cartels or their paid off, bribed politicians in Mexico, Central or South America or any other nation anywhere in the World. American Military assets will be deployed to attack and destroy these entities if they do not surrender during the surrender period. White flags must be displayed, otherwise aerial attacks and special op ground attacks should be expected and destruction and annihilation to follow.
  33. Let it be declared by the power of the Constitutional Republic that NO Longer will any corruption or Special Legislation associated with the corruption and crimes of the RKM or any of its components, members, or associates be allowed to continue or exist in any form.
  34. Because Ronald Reagan was the Last Duly Elected President, and all others were fraudulent, and all US Laws passed after are Null and Void, all laws will be reset back to what was on the books at that time, and this will be done by a Military tribunal set up to do so.
  35. This same Military tribunal will set special elections for Congress and this will include most positions, since most are members, associates or beneficiaries of the Khazarian Mafia and will be removed from office one way or another, either by voluntary surrender or arrest by the Provost Marshal’s Office.
  36. It is recognized beyond any reasonable doubt that most US National, State and Local elections have been plagued by vote-fraud, especially manipulation of electronic vote totals. All future voting will be by paper ballot only and will be hand-counted and hand tabulated with public observation allowed behind glass and all counting completely and fully video recorded to protect from fraud. All electronic voting machines will be declared illegal and taken out of service.
  37. All Senators will be elected by each State legislature as was originally prescribed by the US Constitution.
  38. The Department of Education and HEW will be immediately phased out, with functions to be handled by individual States according to their own Laws. Every single US Department will be carefully examined. Those unnecessary or Unconstitutional will be eliminated and many streamlined and culled of all unnecessary functions. Many responsibilities will be transferred back to the individual States according to the principals defined in the US Constitution according to the Tenth Amendment.
  39. The fraudulent amendments, the Sixteenth and Seventeenth, which were never ratified, will be immediately canceled. The Federal Reserve Acts will be immediately cancelled, since it was never passed with a proper quorum. The Internal Revenue Service will be declared null and void because the Federal Reserve is recognized as a fraud perpetrated upon the We The People. A special Board of Taxation will be set up to consider Constitutionally allowed, proportioned taxes, excise taxes on imports with New Fair Trade Agreements and Tariffs and will coordinate efforts with the Government Accounting Office. The so-called national debt owed to the Federal Reserve System will be declared fraudulent, and null and void.
  40. Notice to Rothschild Khazarian Mafia kingpins: We the People know who you are by name; we know what you have done — all the espionage, and felonious and RICO crimes against We the People. We know about your sophisticated pedophile operations against American politicians, along with your massive illegal narcotics and weapons trafficking for illegal and massive profits. We The People have enough hard corroborated evidence against you to convict you beyond any reasonable doubt in any honest Federal Court of the land. But because there are none, as you have corrupted them all, We The People are setting up our own using Constitutional Law as our guide.
  41. You, the RKM, have fought a secret, asymmetrical war against We The People and all normal humanity that has existed in American Society with the intent to asset strip us of all our wealth, property and fruits of our labor, rob and murder, us of our God given freedoms, and reduce us to your chattel and slaves. We know about all your pedophile operations and murders of many children and massive human sex trafficking.
  42. For your crimes against this country and its people, you, the RKM will be made to pay a price and will find no sanctuary anywhere the World because We The People are going to expose you by name along with your specific Pedophile and Human Trafficking crimes and murders. For these crimes against We The People and humanity in general, You will be hunted down and captured so that you can no longer use your FIAT money power and pernicious usury to enslave us.
  43. You, the RKM, its chieftains, kingpins, cutouts and assets have hijacked and debased the major mass media at every level and placed many top newscasters and reporters on your payroll or the payroll of your cutouts. All six major mass media conglomerates have been judged to be illegal cartels/monopolies and will be completely broken up forever. Because of the importance of honest investigative reporting and news to We the People and the health of our American Society, false, paid-for reporting and cover-up or accessory to crimes against We the People will be considered a major crime henceforth.
  44. You, the RKM chieftains, kingpins, cutouts and assets have used secrecy, bribery, coercion and blackmail to stay in power. All your deeds and crimes and who you are will be fully exposed. Your reign of terror and imposed slavery is over, you will be extracted from power at every level, and all your takings and holding will be confiscated and clawed back from anywhere in the world they exist. You have worked hard to deny us our constitutional rights, and this can no longer be tolerated. The United States of America contained natural and human resources and wealth beyond measure which you have worked hard to extract from We The People and this will no longer be tolerated by you or anyone else.
  45. There will be no more secrecy in America or for you, the RKM and your organized crime syndicate. No more illegitimate criminal power in America or anywhere else in the World will be allowed even where you may attempt to escape to.
  1. We will route you, the RKM, its chieftains, kingpins, cutouts and assets out, and forever remove any and all of your influence from We the People and the United States of America, our Constitutional Republic
  2. You, the RKM, have used secrecy, bribery, coercion and blackmail to stay in power. All your deeds and who you are will be shouted from the rooftops of every American city and all your crimes will be fully exposed. Your reign of terror and imposed slavery is over and you will be extracted from power at every level and all your takings and holding will be confiscated and clawed back from anywhere in the world they exist. You have worked hard to deny us our constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and this can no longer be tolerated. The United States of America contained natural and human resources and wealth beyond measure which you have worked hard to extract from We The People and this will no longer be tolerated by you or anyone else.
  3. Should the President of the United States fail to sign this as an emergency Executive Order, the US High Military Command will be justified in seizing power and implementing this Declaration of War under their emergency powers provided by the US Constitution because infiltration and hijacking of America clearly constitutes foreign espionage against America, which triggers an actual national security emergency and the powers provided by the US Constitution to deal with it using the US Military. This espionage transfers full authority to the US Military High Command if the President of the United States fails to act, or if he is corrupted by the RKM or its partner the BCC/CIA to act, as required by Rule of Law and his Oath to uphold the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

President of the United States of America

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Director of the US Provost Marshals




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