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(5 – Aether, Electromagnetism and Free Energy)


If we determine that the Aspden effect and other findings of magnetism are truly showing us that the aether behaves like a fluid, then we also know that the fluid can and must be able to vibrate, by definition.

Therefore, we can expect that we should see all of the trademarks of vibration – light, sound and geometry – throughout our Universe, from the quantum to Galactic level.


When we consider all of these points together, magnetism becomes a «whole new ball game,» as one might like to say. The implications are quite profound, as it proves that it is indeed very possible for us to harness a limitless supply of this fundamentally conscious «free energy» and never have to worry about scarcity or pollution again. The only thing that stands in the way at this point are the «powers that be» who are all too ready to squash anyone who tries to build, patent and mass-produce devices of this type.

But eventually, if more people become able to perform feats such as Nina Kulagina and refine their operation, then we should be able to power all of our devices simply by psychokinesis! (Wilcock has two engineer friends with advanced degrees who have used their own psi energy to power their watch batteries, which have remained

fully charged for ten years running.)


In the next chapter, we will detail what happens when you put together the magic combination – magnetism and rotation – to produce workable anti-gravity machines. No longer will the idea of antigravity propulsion seem so impossible, once the facts are presented.


5.12 RECAP


And so, as we look over the information that we have covered, the ever-elusive property of magnetism starts to look very different:


5.1 First of all, a magnetic field can be created through nothing more than the focus of a gifted individual’s consciousness, and that force arises from the aetheric flux spontaneously, with no measurable connection to the person.


5.2 “Virtual Particles” have allegedly been discovered for each of the main components of the atom. Although we will question their true nature in this book, the fact remains that this shows that we are living in a universe of unseen forces.


5.3 The “Casimir Effect” says that when two perfectly flat plates are brought together in an airless vacuum that is shielded from all conventional electromagnetic waves, a powerful force will cause them to push towards each other. This is another means of proving that the zero-point energy field or ‘aether’ truly exists.


5.4 In the new model, magnetism is caused by the movement of aether through an object, and can be created by consciousness alone, as in the cases of Kulagina, Vinogradova and others.

5.4.1 When we study the electromagnetic wave, magnetism is referred to as the “B-field” and electrostatics as the “E-field.” For some yet-unexplained reason, the two are observed to travel at 90-degree angles to each other. Both Buckminster Fuller and Rod Johnson independently discovered a hidden geometry in this movement, which will be discussed later.


5.4.2 We see that the static energy of the electric field is essentially motionless, and it requires the dynamic force of the magnetic field to propel it forward. We have suggested that the actual electromagnetic wave is occurring as a result of a flow of energy and force between two parallel universes, for want of a better term, and will go into more detail about this in Chapter 18.


5.5 Lenz’ Law states that by simply passing a wire over the north or south pole of any magnet, an electric current is generated within that wire. This principle can be used to build electromagnetic motors since the magnetic field naturally rotates.


5.6 The same principle in reverse can be used to build generators as well. Lenz’ Law states that conducting wires can gather up the magnetism from a magnet and turn it into electricity.


5.7 Even though quantum physicists assume that atoms are composed of particles, no one in the mainstream has ever changed the equations for electromagnetism, which treat it as a flowing (yes, aetheric) field of energy waves that can be “cut”. This is called “flux line cutting,” and in order for it to take place in conventional theory, there must be two different speeds of motion; one for the source of magnetic energy and one for the conductor of the energy.


5.7.1 The work of Michael Faraday in 1869 proved that electric current can be generated with the conductor and the magnet moving at exactly the same speed – thus eliminating any possibility that the flux lines could be «cut.» Faraday and DePalma’s “homopolar generator” experiments show us that when a magnet is rotated as a disc, magnetic energy can be caused to eject outward like the water in a sprinkler system, and this energy can be harnessed to create electricity. And the sheer volume of energy that this rotation creates is greater than the energy needed to rotate it in the first place!


5.7.2 DePalma built the «Sunburst N-Machine» upon these “homopolar generator” principles, as a legitimate free-energy machine. It was tested in 1985 by Dr. Robert Kincheloe, Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, who concluded that “De Palma may have been right in that there is indeed a situation here whereby energy is being obtained from a previously unknown and unexplained source.”


5.8 The energy coming through the magnet itself appears to behave more like a fluid than a force. When a magnet is spun and then stopped quickly, the Aspden effect reveals that energy is still spinning inside of it.

A rotating magnetic disc that took 1000 joules of energy to reach a certain rotational speed can be abruptly stopped in its rotation, and if it is started again within 60 seconds, it will only take 100 joules to reach the same speed. This suggests that the

magnetic energy is swirling around inside like water in a glass, even when the magnet is not moving.


5.9 The experiments of Donald Roth demonstrated a form of “magnetic memory.” The aether flow known as “magnetism” can be established in one localized area if the magnet is kept there for a long time, and then if the magnet is moved farther away, the force field that it established can continue flowing. This gives definite proof that the energy in the magnet is outside of the magnet itself.


5.10 The conventional explanation for a magnetic field is that it is caused by a given metal having a special north-south alignment of its molecules.

In aetheric theory, this alignment forces the aetheric energy that creates the object to flow through it like a tube in a certain direction, instead of flowing in and out of it from all directions equally.

This is the true definition of magnetism.


5.11 The fluidlike qualities of magnetic energy make a strong suggestion that vibration will play an important part in the behavior of “aetheric” energy.

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